Year 1 Weekly Update – 18/11/22

Dear Parents and Carers,  


Please find our weekly update below. Please take the time to review the list of reminders at the bottom of this email. If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher.  


Phonics: In Phonics this week we have been learning these new graphemes: 

  • a – e’ in make,  
  • o-e’ in woke, 
  •  ‘i-e’ in time,  
  •  ‘u-e’ in rude (oo) and cube (yoo).  

We have been learning the following tricky words:  

  • could,  
  • would,  
  • should, 
  • our. 


What can I do at home? 

Read with your child at least 10 minutes per day. Sound out words on fingers or out loud. Children should identify digraphs and trigraphs they can see first. Children can chunk the word (splitting the word into chunks to decode). For example: feel/ling.  

Please continue to practise recalling and writing the tricky words from this week and last term. I have attached the Phonics Home learning in this email also. 

Literacy: In Literacy this the children finished their letting writing and we will start to send these home through the post. 

Maths: In Maths this week we have been using the concrete resources such as unifix cubes and counters to find number bonds of a given number up to 10. We have been using bar models and tens frames with counters inside to identify parts and practised saying the number bond aloud. For instance: “There are 3 red counters and three yellow counters. There are six counters altogether. So, 3 and 3 are a number bond to six”. 


What can I do at home? 

Visit Purple Mash for learning that has been set for week. If your child would like to complete more maths work, we would advise that you print out the Purple Mash page and complete the learning on paper. This will minimise their screen time and to allow them to write numbers and practise their number formation. 

RE: In RE this week we have continued with our new topic: Mary Our Mother. 1K and 1N had a joint lesson where we reviewed our learning from last week and learnt the story of Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth. In their learning partners, the children acted out a short role play scene of Mary and Elizabeth greeting each other and Mary telling Elizabeth her news. This was modelled by myself and Mr. Noel so the children could magpie our ideas into their own scene. 

Forest School: In Forest School this week the children read the story Stick Man and made their own stick man using the resources from nature. 


History: This week in History the children learnt about an important figure in who could be considered a superhero for helping those around her. The children learnt about Florence Nightingale and her important role as a Nurse in the Crimean War.  


PE: In PE this week the children have been transitioning from moving like children in the playground (skipping, hopping, hop scotch) to superheroes. The children have been practising this to music and half of the class performed to the other half. The children watching gave feedback (two stars and a wish) to the whole class of what they spotted that they liked and what they would change for next time.  



  • Please could you continue to bring in your child’s reading record everyday so we can record when we read with your child and write the change of their book.  


  • This term our topic is Superheroes and we would like to ask parents whose occupation can be associated with a superhero to come into class to show and tell the children what they do day to day. We have already arranged for a police and firefighter session, but if anyone would like to volunteer that would be lovely. It does not necessarily have to be specific to a superhero, but someone who is helpful to the community. For instance, doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, charity workers, builders, electricians, architects, carpenters and plumbers. The list is very extensive! Please catch myself or Mr. Noel at the end of the day or you can email the office to let us know. 


  • Mrs. Grace has asked if your child could bring an old sock in on Tuesday to use in Forest School. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend! 

Best wishes,  

Miss. Kyriacou, Mr. Noel and Mrs. Byrne