Year 6 Weekly Update – 04/11/22

Dear parents/carers,
We have had an excellent first week back at school and the children have been working very hard. Just a reminder that the parent consultations will take place next Tuesday 8th November. Please make sure that you are aware of the time of your meeting and that you join the meeting promptly. Each consultation will be 10 minutes long.
The link for this meeting is:
6S: Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 396 284 401 292Passcode: XUYkUw
6M:Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 389 805 741 750Passcode: 88k8Nd
English: New Topic: Darwin’s Delights- Learning about Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection’ and to be able to explain it in their own words using key terminology.
Maths: To solve problems with division, mental calculations and estimation and order of operations (BIDMAS).
History: To create a timeline of events on the life of Charles Darwin and understand his important impact.
Geography: To plot Darwin’s route using the lines of longitude and latitude to find the position of different geographical areas that Darwin travelled to on the HMS Beagle.
RE: To understand what justice is and know that we are called to work for it. I can retell the events of Dorothy Day’s life.
Science: To continue to explain how inherited characteristics can lead to variation.
Guided Reading: To be able to explain ideas from a text.
Computing: To select, use and combine a variety of software to meet a goal.
Spellings: Homophones: dessert, desert, stationery, stationary, complement, compliment, principle, principal, prophet, profit

Just a reminder:

– Please make sure that you have paid for the trip to Kidzania, this is available on Parent Pay and the price is £9.45. Please let the office know if you are available to help, we are in need of several helpers for each class.

-Christmas raffle tickets are now on sale. Your child should have taken these home in an envelope.

-Your child’s christmas card will be sent home with them today, if you would like to order the card then please visit the website stuck on to the back of the card.

Thank you for your continued support,

 Year 6 Team