Year 2 Weekly Update – 21/10/22

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please find our weekly update below, take the time to review the list of reminders, especially information about the upcoming Music trip and Infant Music Festival.


Year 2 Prayer service and Harvest Festival: The Year 2 Prayer service and Harvest Festival were wonderful celebrations of the children’s learning over the past half term and it was lovely to see so many parents in attendance. Thank you for your support when helping your child learn their speaking and song words at home! 

Spellings: There are no spellings to learn over half term. Please continue to practise the Y1 and Y2 Common Exception Words (see attached).  


Maths: This week we have been counting both forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. The use of concrete resources such as counters and Rekenreks were used to support the children’s understanding of counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We also encouraged the children to talk about the patterns they were able to spot within numbers when counting, for example recognising that when counting in 10s, the ones digit does not change. Moving forward, the children will be learning how to count in 3s for the first time. They will use concrete resources to physically make each number and will begin to spot patterns when counting in 3s. The children will be exploring problems in the abstract by drawing jumps on number lines, completing number tracks and using a hundred square to support them in counting and spotting patterns.

Literacy: In English this week, the children have been retelling the story The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They have focused on independently using capital letters and full stops. They have used the ‘story mountain’ structure to help them to write clearly and coherently. The children have also been challenging themselves to use adjectives to describe characters and nouns in the story.


RE: In R.E the children have heard the story of Daniel and the lions. They have learnt about how brave he was and how strong his faith in God was. 


Geography: In Geography we have been celebrating ‘One Tree Day’. The children have learnt about why trees are so important and to describe how deciduous trees change in the seasons.  


Science:  In Science, the children have continued their learning about living things, this week focusing on microhabitats. They went into the Forest School to examine living creatures in their own microhabitats, such as logs, rocks and under leaves. They used magnifying glasses when looking at the creatures. The children then drew and labelled what they found and considered why specific animals like to live in certain places.


Music: We are currently learning a song that we will be participating in during the London Symphony Orchestra trip on 4th November. The music can be found at the link below and the song lyrics will be sent home today.
We will also be participating in the Barnet Infant Music Festival on 15th November in school. Please see the link below to access the songs that we will be performing on the day. If you are asked for a password please enter Marmalade22.

Home school books: Please ensure that your child’s home school book and reading record is always in their bag to enable us to change it when the opportunity arises. 


  • London Symphony Orchestra trip 4 November – please refer to the letter previously sent in an email.
  • Today, your child will be bringing home lyrics for the song that we will performing on the 4th. See above for a link to the music.
  • 15 November – Barnet Infant Music Festival in school.
  • Please ensure that you are signing your child’s Reading Record each time you read at home.
  • Reading Challenge – please ensure your child’s teacher is made aware when your child has finished their bronze challenge.
  • Spellings – each week spelling words are sent home in our weekly email, to support learning happening in class. Please make sure you are revisited these at home before they are assessed the following week.


Kind regards,  

Mrs Fraser, Miss Fielden and Mrs Whyatt