Year 2 Weekly Update – 14/10/22

Dear Parents/Carers,
Please find a summary of your child’s learning this week:
Literacy: This week, the children have been planning their retelling of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch story. The children used a ‘story mountain’ structure to summarise the story, beginning with the introduction and build up, continuing with the problem and resolution and finally coming to the ending. The children will use their plan next week to support their retelling of the story in their own words.
Phonics: This week the children have been continuing to recap and consolidate their knowledge of Phase 5 graphemes through reading and spelling. The sounds covered this week are: /zh/ spelt si and su (treasure, vision), /j/ spelt dge (bridge, fridge) and /i/ spelt y (crystal).
Science: Towards the end of this week in Science, the children will be continuing their learning on habitats, this time specifically focusing on microhabitats. They will discuss the differences between habitats and microhabitats. They will then be going into the Forest School to find microhabitats themselves and record their findings through drawing and labelling. They will be looking at the minibeasts that they find using a magnifying glass and they will attempt to identify the creatures that they have discovered. They will also be thinking about why certain creatures and minibeasts like to live in specific microhabitats.

R.E: This week the children have been learning about the Christian Harvest Festival and the Hindu Festival of Diwali. They have been learning about the similarities and differences between the two festivals.  


PSHE: This week in PSHE the children have been learning that we are created and loved by God.  They have been learning about how we are all unique and that Jesus wants to be friends with us all. We have been talking about how this makes us feel.

We also celebrated World Mental Health Day on Monday by reflecting on the story ‘Beautiful Oops’. In the story, mistakes are turned into beautiful creations. We then made our own mistakes on a piece of paper and worked together to try and turn them into a new work of art. The children were able to comment on  why making mistakes is often a positive thing and the importance of resilience in the face of challenges.

Computing: We are teaching the children to become responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology. This week the children used Microsoft Word to create a document, they then learnt how to save and retrieve their work.

Maths:  This week, the children have been combing all of their learning so far as they begin to compare objects to 100. The children have been identifying which quantity is greater and explaining their reasoning. The language of “more than” and “fewer than” is used in the context of quantity. When using objects as a representation of number, the children have been using language of “greater than”, “less than” and “equal to” alongside the inequality symbols to compare.

Following on from this, the children then compared numbers in a more abstract way. The language of “greater than”, “less than” and “equal to” was used alongside the inequality symbols throughout. In class we were using number lines to support the children’s understanding, as they began to understand that that the further to the right on a number line a number is, the greater it is in value.

Later this week, the children will be using their knowledge of comparing both objects and numbers from the previous two steps to order objects and numbers. The language of “most”, “fewest”, “least” and “greatest” will be used throughout, as sets of objects and numbers are ordered. We will be encouraging the children to use concrete resources and other representations to support their thinking.

Please feel free to use the Maths resource attached to this email to support your child’s learning.


  • Harvest Festival: Tuesday 18th October
  • Y2 Prayer Service: Wednesday 19th October
  • Please ensure your child’s clothing is marked with their name
  • Continue to support your child when their learning his/her speaking and song words for the Y2 Prayer Service
  • If you are able to help us on our upcoming trip to the London Symphony Orchestra, please let your class teacher know via email or in writing as soon as possible.