Year 1 Weekly Update – 14//10/22

This week as part of Black History Month Year 1 learnt about the achievements of Marcus Rashford and Mae Jemison.  They learnt life for Marcus’ family was difficult. Even though his mum worked very hard, they didn’t always have enough money to buy food. They often had to go to places called food banks, which give food to families who don’t have enough.

During Covid lots of children had to stop going to school and had to do their learning at home. This meant that children who had free school meals might be hungry if their families didn’t have much money. Marcus remembered the times he was hungry when he was young. He started working with a charity, giving meals to children. Millions of children were given food. Marcus carried on helping children.  He also wrote a letter to the government asking them to help families get enough food.

Year 1 also learnt about Mae Jemison who became the first Black woman to go into space and the mission took 8 days. Mae Jemison was inspired by the first landing on the Moon, but she noticed that lots of astronauts were men. She thought that women should have the chance to be astronauts too. Many people wanted to do the astronaut training programme. Mae Jemison worked hard to be one of the few to be picked!