Online Safety – 05/10/22– Parental Controls

Parental controls help you to block or filter upsetting or inappropriate content, as well as to control purchases within apps. Below are the main places you can find parental controls (from . You could choose to use these individually, or even better, combine a number of them. 

  • Internet provider: You can set up filters to help block access to inappropriate content on any device that connects to your home WiFi. 
  • Mobile operator: Filters are often automatically set up on mobile contracts, especially if the user is under the age of 18, but you can double-check with your provider. 
  • Devices: Many devices have parental control settings, for example, to help restrict spending in apps, reduce screentime, or disable location functions.  
  • Online Services: Sites like BBC iPlayer and YouTube have parental control settings to help restrict access to inappropriate content. 

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