Year 2 Weekly Update – 30/09/22

Year 2 have had another productive week, learning to write their own postcards following their trip to Shoeburyness beach. The children had a wonderful time at the beach, making sandcastles and searching for living creatures and plants. Please find below information about your child’s learning for this week, including their new spellings words.  

Maths: This week the children will be partitioning numbers to 100 in a standard way, and will also understand that numbers can be partitioned more flexibly. The purpose of this small step is to formalise this partitioning to further support children’s understanding of the structure of numbers. From earlier steps, children can explain that 32 is made up of 3 tens and 2 ones, or 30 and 2. The difference between that learning and the learning in this step is the way it is presented. By the end of this small step, children should be able to write this as 32 = 30 + 2 and say “32 is equal to 30 plus 2”.

Towards the end of the week, the children will focus on the position of 10s on the number line. We will be exposing the children to examples with different start and end point values, as well as the standard 0 to 100 number line. Children will use their knowledge of counting in multiples of 10 to label number lines. Building on this, they will then identify and find the position of given numbers on the number line. While it is not always necessary to label every division when identifying or finding the position of a number, it can promote good habits, so we encourage children to do this step as a method of checking their answers. Please feel free to support your child at home using the resource attached.

English: This week, the children have written a postcard based on their real life experience of going to the beach last week. We looked at the features of a postcard and how it is different to other styles of writing.

The children were asked to write the events in order and use time connectives (after, then, later on etc.) to structure their writing. The children began to consider appropriate adjectives that could be used to describe what they saw on the trip. Finally, they edited and published their postcards using their best handwriting.

Art: Over the past two weeks, the children have been working on sea themed art pictures. They were asked to draw features of landscape from memory, imagination and observation, with some attention to detail. The children used the pastels beautifully to blend colours together in order to create their own seascapes.

Geography: Later on this week, the children will look at aerial photographs of Shoeburyness and Barnet. They will be asked to label the photographs and identify the human and physical features within them. They will be asked to describe the similarities and differences between a coastal location like Shoeburyness and a town like Barnet.

RE: In RE, the children have continued to deepen their understanding of the story of Abraham and Sarah. They were asked to describe Abraham and focus on the qualities that made him one of God’s chosen people. The children then retold the story in their own words, particularly focusing on Abraham’s feelings within their writing.

Spellings:  This week’s spellings are ‘tricky words’ that do not follow typical phonics rules.







Please support your child with learning these spellings at home. They will be assessed next week.


  • Please support your child to learn their speaking and song words for our Y2 Prayer Service
  • Library books returned on Thursday   

Kind regards,

Mrs Fraser, Miss Fielden and Mrs Whyatt