Year 1 Weekly Update – 08/07/22

RE:  We will have the opportunity to know that Jesus showed his love for sick people when he cured the man who could not walk.
Topic: We will be learning about instruction writing and creating our own set of instructions to help us make our party food for our Afternoon Tea party! 
On Friday 15th July, we would like to invite the Year 1 children to put on their best outfits because they will be invited to have afternoon tea with the Queen! The children will receive their invitations this Friday. We will learn more about England’s capital city, including its history, London transport and famous landmarks. We will also learn about the Royal Family and find out more about the Queen by asking her lots of questions about her life, what she does and how she celebrated her recent birthday and the Platinum Jubilee.
DT: We will be making our own party food.
Handwriting: We will start practising forming capital and lower case letters correctly in print. We have attached a capital letter formation document for your reference.
Phonics: We will continue to revise the sounds below:
sc -science
st – listen
wr – wrinkle
wh – whistle
/sh/ –
We will be looking at suffixes:
-ed –  searched, walked, scared
-ing – climbing,  amazing, swimming
Tricky words: our, two, once, busy, friend, eye, because, laugh, move, improve, parents, show, beautiful, pretty, hour
What can I do at home?
Read with your child at least 10 minutes per day. Sound out on fingers or out loud. Children should identify and spot any digraphs or trigraphs that they can see.
Maths: In maths we will be learning to tell the time. We will look at ”before” and ”after”, time to the hour and time to the half hour
What can I do at home?
Visit Topmarks website and Purple Mash for fun educational games that can support your child’s learning.
– Break the Rules day! Wednesday 13th July
-Thursday 14th July, 3.45-5.30pm – Parents Open Evening
-Climbing frame before and afterschool is out of use
-Scooters are not permitted in the main playground at dismissal times
-Friday 15th July – Afternoon Tea with the Queen. Please note that the children will receive their invitation this Friday!