Year 5 Weekly Update – 17/06/22

Dear Parents,

This week has been lots of fun with our trips to the Environment Centre, one of the stand out activities from the day was ‘pond-dipping’. The children were amazed by what they found in the ponds and many became very attached to the newts they found. Thank you very much to the parents who volunteered to go on the trips, we really do appreciate it.

Maths: This week we have started our new topic on Angles. We have explored different types of angles, practised measuring and drawing angles and used our reasoning skills to explain our answer to problems.

English: This week we practised using different types of sentences to use in our lunar myths. We planned and started writing our myths about the moon incorporating the different sentences.

Guided Reading: We have been reading a short story called ‘Mind Your Own Business.’ We have been learning how to improve our fluency and expression by using a technique called ‘echo reading’. We have also been looking at how authors make word choices to have an effect on their reader.

Music: We used instruments to compose music to represent colours and emotions. We performed these in groups.

PE: We continued our orienteering topic. We used a map to complete and obstacle race, then drew our own maps of an obstacle course.

Next week:

Maths: We will continue with our Angles topic, calculating angles on a straight line, in a triangle and in a quadrilateral.

English: Next week, we will edit our lunar myths and start our next genre: Newspaper Articles.

Music: Use Holst’s Planet Suite to inspire our compositions using a variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Guided Reading: We will start reading ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. If you have managed to get a copy please send it in with your child on Monday with their name in it.

PE: We will use our maps to create an obstacle course that we will carry out in teams.

Support at home

In our spelling lessons this week we have been practising topic words. Children have also added 3 spellings that they have spelled incorrectly in their literacy book. Your child should be taking home the list of spellings today.

Spellings for the spelling test on Friday 24th June:








3 personalised spellings

Times Table Rock Stars

Please continue to encourage your child to use Times Table Rock Stars at home.


Children need to read or be read to at least 5 times weekly for 20 minutes.

Dates for your diary:

Saturday 18th June- St Catherine’s Summer Fayre

Tuesday 28th June- KS2 Sports Day- If you are able to help walk down to TTA please let the office know

Monday 4th July- Houses of Parliament trip

Thursday 14th July- Parents Open Evening

Have a lovely weekend,

The year 5 team