Year 4 Weekly Update – 01/07/22

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 4 have had a wonderful morning at Totteridge Academy taking part In the KS2 Sports day. Thank you to our parent volunteers who walked to and from with us, we really appreciated the support. We are looking forward to receiving the results on Thursday. We have now completed all year 4 Multiplication Check, your child’s mark will be sent out with the end of year reports. Please find your child’s learning and home learning below.

Spellings: This week we will be focusing on the prefix ‘un’. Please work with your child to identify the root word, then discuss how adding the prefix changes the words meaning. Please find attached a useful link to use when discussing prefixes.

Unaware, unbeaten, uncommon, unable, unreliable, unfit, unfair, uncertain,

Times tables: Year 4 are competing in ‘London’s calling’ on times table rock stars, this is a competition across London schools. We are hoping to gain as many points as possible so please do log in at home and keep practising times tables!

English: We will be beginning to plan and write our own Dilemma stories, using language choices to create suspense.

Maths: In Maths next we will be focusing on giving change and solving word problems related to money.

Library: Please ensure your child brings their library books back to school every Monday. If they wish to keep the same book for an additional week it needs to be checked out once more from the Library.


  • School is closed on Friday
  • Inflatables day is next Tuesday (Children to wear PE kit as normal)
  • PE Days Tuesday and Friday.

Kind Regards,

Miss Bonfield and Mrs Nicholaou