Online Safety – 14/06/22 – Minecraft

Minecraft remains a popular game amongst children and can be a fantastic learning tool. Elements of the game are even featured in some of our computing work in KS2. However, as always, there are some potential risks. First of all, it is important to know which mode your child is playing in. Creative mode removes the survival elements of the game which makes it more appropriate for younger children. Multiplayer means that children can interact with others, including strangers. You can switch this off in settings or choose to play offline. There is also a chat facility which can be turned off. Remind your child that if they are playing the multiplayer version, they can block and report anyone concerning them within the game. As with many games, there are also in app purchases to be aware of. Finally, check that your child’s profile name is a nickname, not their real name and doesn’t include anything such as date of birth or where they live.