Year 6 Coding Week 2022

Kezia 6SY – “Minecraft Coding was an amazing experience for me. I learnt a lot and enjoyed my time. Learning about coding was fun to do. We used block writing to make Alex or Steve (the Minecraft characters) to follow the instructions we had inputted. We had challenges for each step which made it even more fun.”
Daniel 6SY – “I have enjoyed being creative and I like that there are multiple ways to complete the coding tasks. It has been challenging at times and that has made it fun. This week has been fun because I love Minecraft.”
Evie 6S – “Everyday this week we have been doing coding workshops where we have had to program Minecraft characters and design worlds with code. I have really enjoyed doing this because it is very rewarding when you complete a level or create something new.”
Liam 6S – “I have enjoyed exploring the sea and finding new creatures in Minecraft – it has been so much fun.”