Year 1 Weekly Update – 20/05/22

RE: We will have the opportunity to know that when Thomas heard that Jesus was alive he did not believe it. We will continue to prepare for our Prayer Service.
Topic: We will be focusing on letter writing.
Handwriting: We will continue to form our lower case letters correctly in print.
Phonics: We will be revising for our Phonics Screening check.
Sounds (to recognise and identify in reading):  i (tiger)  a (paper)  ow (snow)  u (unicorn)
Tricky words (to read and spell): two  eye  thought  through  friend
Alien words (to sound talk): uct  waib  joil  splue  stret  meve
What can I do at home?
Top Tips for Alien Words
Always sound out Alien Words. Sound out on fingers or out loud. Children should identify and spot any digraphs or trigraphs that they can see.
Maths: We will be looking into fractions. This week we will be looking into finding quarters of objects, shapes and amounts.
What can I do at home?
Visit Topmarks website and Purple Mash for fun educational games that can support your child’s learning.
PSHE-RHE: We will continue to look into ways to protect our environment.
– Wednesday 25th May, Year 1 Prayer Service in the Main Hall at 9am
-Thursday 26th May at 2:15, KS1 May Procession (please ensure your child comes to school with a flower to process with. Parents welcome.)
– Please see the most recent Newsletter regarding the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations at school on Friday 27th May
-Forest School is on a Tuesday
-Friday 24th June, KS1 Sports Morning
-Thursday 14th July, 3.45-5.30pm – Parents Open Evening