Year 6 Weekly Update – 06/05/22

Dear Parents,

The big week is almost upon us and we are really excited for the children to showcase all of their brilliant learning during SATs week.
The timetable for next week is:
Monday: Grammar paper (45 mins) and Spellings (20 mins)
Tuesday: Reading paper (1 hour)
Wednesday: Arithmetic paper (30 mins) Reasoning paper 2 (40 mins)
Thursday: Reasoning paper 3 (40 mins)
Children will need to accurately write their full name (including middle names) and know their full date of birth to ensure that their test is not void.
Please make sure your child has a restful weekend so that they are able to come refreshed and ready on Monday morning. We have been so impressed with all of the hard work that the children have put in since September and we feel confident that the children will reach the grades that they set out to achieve. Please ensure that your child has had a good nights sleep and had breakfast before they come into school to do their tests each day.
When the children are not completing their SATs papers we will be doing normal lessons alongside revision sessions in preparation for the test the following day. On Friday we will be having our trip to the RAF museum, please let the office know as soon as possible if you are able to help accompany us.
Thank you for your continued support,

Year 6 Team