Year 1 Weekly Update – 29/04/22

RE: We will have the opportunity to know that Jesus appeared to the disciples in the Upper Room and think about times when they have experienced big surprises
Topic (Geography): We will be looking at maps and aerial images. We will draw our own simple picture map of an imaginary woodland, including features such as evergreen and deciduous trees, paths, clearings, grassy patches, a stream, gates, fences and dens. We will also be learning to create a simple key for our maps.
Handwriting: We will continue to form our lower case letters correctly in print.
Phonics: We will be revising for our Phonics Screening check.
Sounds (to recognise and identify in reading):   ie (pie) i-e (time) o (go) o-e (home)
Tricky words (to read and spell): were   one   says   here   today
Alien words (to sound talk): ind    blard     zome     meast     foid    vaw
What can I do at home?
Top Tips for Alien Words
Always sound out Alien Words. Sound out on fingers or out loud. Children should identify and spot any digraphs or trigraphs that they can see.
Once is not enough

Encourage your child to re-read favourite books and poems. Re-reading helps to read more quickly and accurately.

Dig deeper into the story

Ask your child questions about the story you’ve just read. Say something like, “Why do you think Clifford did that?”

I read to you, you read to me

Take turns reading aloud at bedtime.

Gently correct

When your child makes a mistake, gently point out the letters your child has overlooked or read incorrectly. Ask your child if that makes sense as they are reading it. Focus on accuracy, rather than quickness of reading!

Talk, talk, talk!

Talk with your child every day about school and things going on around the house. Sprinkle some interesting words into the conversation, and build on words you’ve talked about in the past.

Write, write, write!

Ask your child to help you write out a shopping list, a thank you note to Grandma, or to keep a journal of special things that happen at home or at the weekends. When writing, encourage your child to use the sounds or tricky words being learnt at school.

Maths: We will adding equal groups and exploring arrays.
What can I do at home?
Visit Topmarks website and Purple Mash for fun educational games that can support your child’s learning.
Use concrete objects like pasta and toys to make equal groups with your child while practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
PSHE-RHE: We will continue to discuss how we can keep safe.
-Coffee Morning in Arts Hub this Friday 29th April
– Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May
– Individual Photos Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th May
– Parent Book Look 3.45 – 6pm Thursday 5th May
– Tuesday 10th May, Year 1 Mass in the Main Hall at 9am
– Wednesday 25th May, Year 1 Prayer Service in the Main Hall at 9am
– Forest School will be every Tuesday, in Summer term 1. Please feel free to send your child in with wellies to change in to.