Year 1 Weekly Update – 01/04/22

RE: After Easter, our new unit will be ‘The Resurrection’. We will have the opportunity to know that we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter and reflect on how we do this.  The children will get to talk about their experiences of Easter as well as recognise and describe some signs and symbols of Easter.

Topic: We will be launching our new topic called ‘The Enchanted Woodland’. Please see a Knowledge Organiser, Glossary and Fun Facts sheet attached containing useful information and key vocabulary. We will also be participating in Forest School next half term. Forest School will be on Tuesday’s.
Handwriting: We will continue to form our lower case letters correctly in print.
Please support your child in forming their letters correctly, especially if they are confusing ‘b’ and ‘d’, ‘i’ and ‘j’, ‘e’ and ‘g’.
Phonics: We will be revising for our Phonics Screening check this Summer term.
Sounds (to recognise and identify in reading):
ay (play)       a-e (shake)          ea (each)          e (he)
Tricky words (to read and spell): eye   sure    pure    said    were
Alien words (to sound out and then read): vol     quass     sloom    tabe      jair     joil
What can I do at home?
Top Tips for Alien Words
Always sound out Alien Words. Sound out on fingers or out loud. Children should identify and spot any digraphs or trigraphs that they can see.
Don’t leave home without it

Bring along a book or magazine any time your child has to wait. Always try to fit in reading! Little and often is key.

Once is not enough

Encourage your child to re-read favourite books and poems. Re-reading helps to read more quickly and accurately.

Dig deeper into the story

Ask your child questions about the story you’ve just read. Say something like, “Why do you think Clifford did that?”

I read to you, you read to me

Take turns reading aloud at bedtime.

Gently correct

When your child makes a mistake, gently point out the letters your child has overlooked or read incorrectly. Ask your child if that makes sense as they are reading it. Focus on accuracy, rather than quickness of reading!

Talk, talk, talk!

Talk with your child every day about school and things going on around the house. Sprinkle some interesting words into the conversation, and build on words you’ve talked about in the past.

Write, write, write!

Ask your child to help you write out a shopping list, a thank you note to Grandma, or to keep a journal of special things that happen at home or at the weekends. When writing, encourage your child to use the sounds or tricky words being learnt at school.

Maths: We will explore making equal groups and writing statements such as ”there are ____ equal groups of _____”
What can I do at home?
Visit Topmarks website and Purple Mash for fun educational games that can support your child’s learning.
Use concrete objects like pasta to make equal groups with your child while practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
The children are familiar with the videos below. Please visit them to support your child counting in 2s, 5s and 10s:


PSHE-RHE: We are going to be discussing how to keep safe. We will learn that different household products, including medicines, can be harmful if not used properly.
PE: ​After Easter, both our PE sessions will be outdoors. Our PE days will remain the same (Wednesdays and Fridays) In line with our uniform policy, your child is expected to wear their PE school shorts (not cycling shorts) to school as their PE kit as our Summer Uniform policy will be in place.
-Early finish (this) Friday 1st April, 1.30pm
-Please see our weekly Newsletter (emailed on a Friday)
– Wednesday 25th May – Year 1 Prayer Service at 9am in the main hall
-Children return to school, after Easter, on Wednesday 20th April
-PE after Easter will be outdoors, your child is expected to wear their PE school shorts (not cycling shorts) to school as their PE kit.

-Forest School will be every Tuesday, in Summer term 1.