Year 1 Weekly Update – 25/03/22

RE: We are going to learn that Jesus died on Good Friday and know that God raised Jesus from the dead three days later and we celebrate this at Easter.

English: We will be listening to a science-fiction story and creating our own story maps to write our own middle and ending to the story. We will also be focusing on our use of capital letters, full stops and finger spacing!
DT: We will be evaluating our Moon Buggies.
Handwriting: We will be learning to form the letter ”t” correctly.
Phonics: We will be learning the sounds listed below:
Grow the code: ch /c/ chef
                             ch /sh/ school
Grow the code: ze /z/ freeze
a /o/ wasp
a /ar/ father
a /or/ water
a /ai/ baking
Longer words: caterpillar, difficult, celebrate, astronaut, playful, pudding, octopus, picture, adventure, creature, feature, amazing, successful, musical, triumphant, sweeping, shrieking, snowy, whispering, gigantic
Our tricky words will be: laugh, because, eye, our, once, thought
What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading! Tricky word games and hunts.
Maths: This week we will continue practising measuring and comparing mass and weight and we will be introduced to volume and capacity. 
When measuring please practise the vocabulary below with your child at home:
Light, lighter than, lightest
heavier, heavier than, heaviest
full, half full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty
What can I do at home? You can support your child by measuring how heavy are different items using kitchen scales and baking measuring cups.
PSHE-RHEThis week we will continue to discuss ”privacy” and the importance of respecting other’s privacy.
– Shorts for PE on a Wednesday with Mr Reilly!
-Please see our weekly Newsletter (emailed out on a Friday) as this contains lots of information about whole school events.
– Thursday 24th March – Phonics Workshop in main hall.
– Wednesday 25th May – Year 1 Prayer Service at 9am in the main hall.