Times Table Rockstars – 18/03/22

Since the start of this half term, the children at St Catherine’s have been getting to grips with using Times Tables Rockstars to help them with their speed and recall of their times tables. They have enjoyed creating their own avatar and band name and then competing against people in their class and across the school. Some people have even challenged the teachers!  

There have been numerous competitions that have been set up for the children to compete in and here are our results: 

We wanted to see which gender, from Year 2 to Year 6, was the most effective at their times tables. 

Average answers for the boys = 118  

Average answers for the girls = 112 

Another competition saw Year 5 and Year 6 go head to head.  

Average answers for Year 5 = 437  

Average answers for Year 6 = 819 

Competitions this week have seen classes go head to head. 

Average answers for 4N = 327 

Average answers for 4B = 283 

Average answers for 5M = 237 

Average answers for 5MG = 82 

Average answers for 6SY = 1207 

Average answers for 6S = 1155

It is great to see the children so enthusiastic about practising their times tables and we look forward to more future competitions! Remember to encourage your child to log on at home to continue to practise their tables.