Year 2 Weekly Update – 18/03/22

Dear parents,
This week in English the children have been learning about non-chronological reports. They have been researching plants and animals in Madagascar and then have begun to write their own non-chronological report about their chosen plant/animal.
In Maths the children have been learning about lines of symmetry and how to recognise these. They have also been learning how to sort 2D shapes in different ways.
This week has been science week. The children have visited a planetarium in our school, attended a live session about fantastic minibeasts, learnt about dry ice and how it is made, done an experiment to see how age affects height and they will also be meeting owls and raptors.
In PSHE the children have written prayers for Ukraine.
Home Learning
Next week in spelling we will be focusing on words that end in ‘e’ with a consonant before it and how to add ‘ed’ to these. Please help your child learn the following words:
For the Maths home learning this week, we would like the children to focus on their mental Maths. Please practise adding and subtracting a one-digit number to a two-digit number with your child eg 21 + 3 or 86 – 7 and see if they can get quicker at this. We will give them a mental Maths challenge next week to see how quick they are at this.
Please also make sure to listen to your child read every night and sign their reading record.
Thanks for your support.
 Best wishes,
Miss Fielden and Mrs. Whyatt