Year 1 Weekly Update – 11/03/22

RE: We are going to listen to the story of Jesus and his followers going into Jerusalem and think of how we can ‘welcome Jesus’.

Next week is Science Week!
Science: We will be taking part in lots of different activities for science week such as making sticky slime, learning outdoors and visiting our school pond to find out about fantastic minibeasts, experiencing the planetarium, taking part in the owls and raptors show and not to mention going to the Science Museum to explore the Space Trail!
DT: We will be creating our Moon Buggies during Science Week. We would like to collect as many of the following items for our creations:
  • Cereal/tissue/egg boxes
  • Cartons and bottles
  • Foil tart/pie/cake tins and cases
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Bottle caps
  • Plastic lids
  • Paper straws
  • toilet/kitchen roll tubes
  • tin foil
Handwriting: We will be learning to form the letter ”h” correctly.
Phonics: We will be learning the sounds listed below:
/ar/ water
a /o/ want
Grow the code: /air/ bear, there
Our tricky words will be: who,  whole,  because,  eye,  people,  thought,  through 
This week, your child will take home an overview of the Year 1 Tricky words that we have covered (and will continue to cover) each half-term. You’ll notice there are no new tricky words taught in Summer 1, this is because we are getting ready for our Phonics Screening Check. 
Please do continue to revisit and review these words as the children are working hard to read them independently and spell them correctly at school every day!
What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading! Tricky word games and hunts.
Maths: This week we will be introduce to weight and mass and we will be learning to measure and compare mass.
What can I do at home? You can support your child by measuring how heavy are different items using kitchen scales and baking measuring cups.
PSHE-RHEThis week we will be talking about our trip to Science Museum and what we will do to prepare. We will discuss all of the ways to ensure our own and each others safety (walking on the street and riding the tube) as well as following instructions, listening to parent helpers and what we will do when we get there!
– Shorts to be worn/ put in book bags for children to change into for PE on a Wednesday with Mr Reilly. PLEASE NOTE, children will not be able to go on the apparatus with tracksuit bottoms.
– Junk Modelling materials for Moon Buggy making please!
– Thursday 17th March – Year 1 Trip to Science Museum
The children are required to wear their normal school uniform on Thursday (not PE kit) and will need a packed lunch in a clearly labelled, disposable bag (no glass bottles, chocolate, sweets, crisps or products containing nuts please).