Year 5 Weekly Update – 11/02/22

Dear Parents,

The children have really enjoyed the Alchemy Island topic and thoroughly deserve a lovely half term. Thank you for your continued support this half term.


This week:

In Maths, we have continued our fraction topic- looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have also looked at fractions in a sequence and comparing fractions.

In English, we have enjoyed listening to the storyline of ‘The Tempest’ and have written amazing soliloquys as the Chief Alchemist. We have included archaic language, modal verbs and 3 bad dash sentences in our writing.

In PSHE for Children’s Mental Health Week we created a support balloon, where we listed people we have in our lives to support us. It was lovely to see how many people the children have supporting them in school and out of school.

In Design and Technology, we created our board games in groups using the junk modelling you sent in.

In spellings, we revised using apostrophes to show possession for singular and plural nouns. There will be no spelling test on 25th February.


After half term, we are looking forward to starting our new topic- Allotments.

Please find attached our Allotment, Knowledge Organiser and Fun Fact sheet. We hope you find these documents useful to have and utilise at home.

If you have an allotment or know someone who does, it would be great if your child could visit over half term and share some photos when we return.


Support at home


Children need to read at least 5 times weekly for 20 minutes. Even in year 5, when your child may be a ‘free reader’, it is still valuable to listen to them read and to read to them.


Please continue to practise multiplication tables with your child so they have quick recall up to 12 x 12. There are still games on Purple Mash that your child can access to practise their times tables.

Dates for your diary:

Lion King 2nd March 2022


We hope you have a restful and enjoyable half term,


The Year 5 Team