Year 2 Weekly Update – 04/02/22

Dear parents,
This week in English the children have listened to the story of Rapunzel. We have discussed the main characters and setting and the children have been orally retelling the story and acting it out.
In Maths, the children have been learning about division. They have learnt that division can be thought of as ‘sharing between’ or ‘grouping’ and they have learnt how we can use our times tables to help us divide. They have been dividing by 10, 5 and 2.
In History the children have been learning about how castles have changed over time. They have been learning how to put pictures of castles on a timeline in chronological order.
In Geography the children have been learning about some of the main tunnels in the world and how to locate these on a map.
In R.E the children learnt the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. They pretended to be the small boy from the story and wrote a diary entry to describe what happened.
In Science the children learnt how we can change the shape of materials by twisting, bending, squashing or stretching. They thought about why some materials are easier to change the shape of than others.
Please be reminded that next week is our class mass on Tuesday 8th February.
Home Learning
For spellings this week we will be looking at homophones – words that sound the same, but are spelt differently. Please help your child to learn the following homophones and when to use them:
Please note our spelling test is now on Tuesday.
Please also continue to help your child to learn their 5 times table. You may wish to use online multiplication games such as those found at or to support your child. Please also don’t forget to read with your child.
Lastly, if your child tests positive for Covid 19 and is forced to stay at home,  you may request home learning from the office, if your child feels well enough. The office will send this request to us and we will set home learning for your child, which will be available from the next day on Purple Mash. Please make sure to log in to Purple Mash to access this. If your situation then changes please make sure to let the office know. Thanks.
Kind Regards,
Miss Fielden and Mrs. Whyatt