Year 1 Weekly Update – 04/02/22

RE: We will listen to the story of how Jesus’ family took him to the Temple when he was a baby and think about why this was such a special occasion.
Writing: We are going to plan and write our very own dinosaur story. We are going to invite the children to imagine having a dinosaur as a pet. Where would they keep it? What would it eat? What would their family and friends say? After our discussion, we will use pictures and words to plan a story with characters, setting, interesting words and a beginning, middle and ending.
Handwriting: We have been learning to form the letter ‘g’ correctly, next we will practice forming the letter ‘o’.
Science: We will continue to learn about fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
Phonics: We will continue to ‘Grow the code’ in Year 1:
/oo/ and /yoo/ as in fruit and soup 
/ee/ as in ea e e-e ie ey y ee
​/s/ as in c se ce ss
/z/ as in se s zz
​/oa/ as in ow oe ou o-e o oa

Our tricky words will be: water, want, any, many, could, would, should, who, whole, where, two, ask, Mrs, Mr, Ms, school, call, different, people, your, their, thought, through, friend, work
​What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading!
Please reinforce the sounds we have been learning in class and take the time to practice reading and writing real words and tricky words (as listed above)

Maths: This week we will be looking at tens and ones in numbers to 50 and we will practise representing them different ways (ten frames, part whole models)

What can I do at home? Support your child at home by practising forming the numbers correctly as well as writing them as words! 
Useful websites with fun educational games: 
1) Busy things ( click on log in​ >LGFL >log in as a pupil)
2) Topmarks Maths
3) White Rose Maths App (1 minute maths!)
PSHE-RHEThis week we will be learning about what makes a good friend, about different types of friends, simple strategies to resolve conflict between friends and that hurtful behaviour is not acceptable
– Boys and girls with long hair (below shoulder length) should be tied back, this is a health and safety requirement for PE.
– This Friday, Friday 4th February – Children come to school in blue and yellow to celebrate our new Arts Hub!
– This Friday, Friday 4th February, 8.30 – 10am – Coffee Morning in our new Arts Hub
Dates for your diary:
– Tuesday 10th May – Year 1 Mass at 9am