Year 1 Weekly Update – 21/01/22

RE: We have been reflecting on what it means to be a member of a family, our school family and the Church family. Next week we will look at Baptism and learn to recognise and describe the signs and symbols of Baptism.


If you have any photos of your child’s Baptism that you wouldn’t mind your child showing and sharing in class, we would love to see them!​


Writing: ​We will learn to write our own questions using those ‘W’ sentence words (who, what, where, when, why) Firstly, we will orally compose questions we would like to ask Mary Anning about her discoveries before recording these in our books!​


History: We will learn about a significant individual and listen to the story of Mary Anning. We will look at images of her fossil discoveries, including the first marine reptile Ichthyosaur skeleton and the first two Plesiosaur skeletons ever found and some important fish fossils! We will display this information in a fact file.


Phonics: This week, we have been reviewing these GPC’s: y /ee/     ea /e/     wh /w/    oe /oa/    y /igh/   ow /oa/    g /j/   ph

We have also had a go at reading and writing these words:  whale, shoulder, breakfast, head, why, grow, giant, energy, elephant and phone.

Our tricky words of the week have been: many, any, water, want, should, could, would, who, whole, again, where, two

Next week we will looking at the sounds ‘le’ (as in l for apple) ‘al’ (as in l for metal) ‘c’ (as s in ice) ‘ve’ (as in v in give)

Our tricky words will be: school, call, different, little and have


​What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading!


Please reinforce the sounds we have been learning in class and take the time to practice reading and writing real words and tricky words (as listed above)


Maths: This week we have been reviewing our number bonds to ten. We have used our number bond to 10 knowledge to help us with adding by making 10 ie 5+6= ? > 10+1= 11 so  5+6=11. We have also been looking at subtraction by crossing out.


Next week we will be looking at subtraction by crossing out 10 using again our numbers bonds to 10 to support us. We will also look at related facts such as 11-5= 6, 11-6=5, 6+5=11, 5+6=11


What can I do at home? Support your child at home by practising forming the numbers correctly as well as writing them as words! Use opportunities such as cooking or playing a family board game to count, add or subtract as well as to compare numbers.


Useful websites with fun educational games: 


Busy things ( click on log in​ >LGFL >log in as a pupil)


Topmarks Maths


PSHE-RHE: This week we will be discussing the various communities that we belong to, such as home, school, parish, the wider local community, nation and global community; We will b thinking about ways to help these communities ie practical tasks such as keeping their room tidy, helping in the kitchen etc; We will be discussing that we have a duty of care for others and for the world we live in (charity work, recycling etc.) and discussing what harms and what improves the world in which we live.



– Long hair (below shoulder length) should be tied back, this is a health and safety requirement for PE.