Year 2 Weekly Update – 19/11/21

Dear parents,
This week in Literacy we have been using adjectives to describe the characters and setting in Little Red Riding Hood. We have been trying to use sentences with two adjectives in and using a comma in between the adjectives. We have also been learning about apostrophes and how to use these to show possession in singular nouns. Please find attached our knowledge organiser for our new topic ‘Street Detectives’.
In Maths the children have been focussing on problem solving this week. We have been playing some ‘odd number out’ games and also playing Yohaku puzzles. The children have been trying to present their learning using written sums, word problems, resources and pictures. Later on this week we will be learning to add a 2-digit number to a 1-digit number crossing a 10 by counting in our head and also using a number line to help us.
Home Learning – For home learning please help your child to learn the following words:


They will be tested next Wednesday.  Please also don’t forget to continue to help your child practise the lines for our school nativity.
Please also make sure to listen to your child read every day for about ten minutes and sign their reading record and to practise their 5 and 10 times tables. You may find these websites useful to help you.
Thank you for your support.
Best wishes,
Mrs Whyatt and Miss Fielden