Year 2 Weekly Update – 22/10/21

Dear parents,
This week in Literacy the children have been learning about alliteration and rhyme and have tried to write some lines of poetry of themselves. We have also been talking about the features of a non-fiction text, such as headings, photos, captions, labels, glossary, contents and index. Please make sure to discuss these with your child, when you read non-fiction with them at home.
In Maths the children have begun our new topic of addition and subtraction. They have been learning about related facts and how 8 -5 = 3 is the inverse of 3+5 = 8 and is related. They have also been how they can use the inverse to check their calculations, or how they can use concrete resources to check their calculations.
In R.E the children have heard the story of Daniel and the lions and how Daniel was one of God’s chosen people and was so brave in front of the lions.
In PSHE the children have been discussing who are special people in their lives and why they are special.
In Geography the children have been recapping their knowledge of physical and human features and will be creating a sketch map of the coastline.
In History for Black History Month the children are learning about Nelson Mandela and Barnet’s role in ending South African Apartheid. They will be using a local source and trying to infer what they can find out about the past from this.
Home Learning – For home learning please help your child to learn the following words:
They will be tested next Wednesday after half term.  Please make sure to listen to your child read every day for about ten minutes and sign their reading record. Please also help your child to learn their 5 times table and recap their 10 times table. You may find these websites useful to help you.
Thank you for your support.
Best wishes,
Mrs Whyatt and Miss Fielden