Year 5 Weekly Update – 15/10/21

Dear Parents,

It is lovely to see so many children wearing green today to support ‘Just One Tree Day’.  To celebrate this day, we used our reading skills to find out why trees are so important for our environment. This week we have designed an Egyptian amulet and made it using clay. We have also used our research skills to find out about a social group in Ancient Egypt and then presented our findings to our classmates.

The spellings to learn at home this week follow the spelling pattern to double the consonant when adding –ed or –ing. There are some exceptions to the rule (e.g. when the word ends with a vowel and then a x or w:












Next week:

In maths, we will continue our ‘Statistics’ topic.

In English, we will continue to write fact files to inform our reader about the different social groups in Ancient Egypt. We will then learn about Egyptian gods and choose one that interests us to write a fact file and then create a class fact file about all the different Egyptian gods.

In PSHE, we will be looking at what makes a good friend and the ups and downs of friendship

Art and Design: we will paint our amulets. If you have old newspapers at home, please send them into school.

History: On Friday, year 5 will be taking part in a virtual workshop by the British Museum.


Please continue to support your child by practising their spellings for the spelling test on Friday. You can also support them by practising their multiplication tables. If your child knows all their times tables, please continue to practise and revise them all with associated division facts. Your child’s purple mash account is still active and has plenty of times tables games on


Children need to read at least 5 times weekly for 20 minutes. Even in year 5, when your child may be a ‘free reader’, it is still valuable to listen to them read and to read to them.

Enjoy your weekends

The year 5 team