Year 2 Weekly Update – 15/10/21

Dear parents,
This week in Literacy the children have been introduced to some tongue twisters. They have been discussing what makes a poem a poem and have identified the features of a poem. We have been talking about how to learn a poem and how to perform one and the children have been trying to learn and perform a poem in front of the class.
In Maths the children have been learning to count in 10s, 5s, 2s and 3s and have been beginning to understand how multiplication is related. The children were introduced to our ‘times table challenge’. Each week we will have a competition based on times tables. Currently we are just focussing on the 10 times table for this challenge.
This week the children begun ‘forest school’. They learnt about birds and how they react to predators and build nests.
On Friday it was world mental healthy day. The children discussed ways to look after their own mental health and how to support others with theirs.
In computing, the children learnt how to use internet search engines safely.
Home Learning – For home learning please help your child to learn the following words:
They will be tested next Wednesday.  Please make sure to listen to your child read every day for about ten minutes and sign their reading record. Instead of setting a Maths activity on Purple Mash this week, instead we would like your child to focus on learning their 10 times tables. You might find some of the activities on Purple Mash useful for this. Some alternative websites you might find useful to help your child learn their 10 times table are:
Thank you for your support.
Best wishes,
Mrs Whyatt and Miss Fielden