Year 1 Weekly Update – 15/10/21

RE: We are going to reflect on the knowledge that God made us because he loves us and understand that we show God we love him by looking after the world and each other.


Writing: We will be talking, describing and recounting about past, recent and future celebrations that we have attended or are going to attend very soon. Celebrations are special events when people may go to parties, give gifts or have time off school or work. Celebrations can be for religious or cultural reasons.


What can I do at home? Please support your child at home by providing lots of opportunities for writing for a purpose. Cards, lists, Stories, Books, Labels, Diaries, Posters, Invitations, instructions, recipes, recounts from the weekend, to-do lists, bedroom plans…are just a few examples of meaningful and contextual writing!


Phonics: We will be revisiting Phase 4. During Phase 4, adjacent consonants are taught e.g. fr(frog), dr(drip), nd(mend).


Examples: bench splash truth string train green fright float broom crook clown spoil burnt stairs picture flower stork vent jinx went.

We have provided a Phase 4 cluster mat and some other resources that you may find useful to have at home.


We will be reading and spelling Y1 Common Exception Words: come, some, love


PLEASE NOTE: The Y1 Common Exception Words are in your child’s Guided Reading record.


What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading! Please support your child in reading and spelling Y1 Common Exception Words. By the end of Phase 4 children should be able to read 14 more Tricky words.​


Maths: This week we will continue to practise our numbers bonds to 10 and we will be introduced to subtraction by crossing out and finding a part.


What can I do at home? You can support your child at home by practising number bonds to ten ie 5+5=10, 8+2=10, 2+8=10 and subtracting by taking away numbers using objects around the house like pasta, beads, straws, beans etc.


PSHE-RHE: This week we will be looking at things that we like and dislike. We will learn that we all have different ”tastes” (likes and dislikes” but we all have the same needs (to be loved and respected, to be safe).


– Hoodies, jumpers, cardigans, coats, water bottles, school bags with clear, identifiable named labels for the children to be able to read themselves.

– Thursday –  Both school books returned and new ones issued.

– Phonics home-learning does not need to be handed in or uploaded onto Tapestry.

– 9-10am PTA Coffee Morning @St Peter’s for Reception and Year 1 Parents