Year 6 Weekly Update – 08/10/21

Dear parents/carers,
We have had another brilliant week of learning and all of the Year 6 children found the PSHE workshop informative and engaging. If you have not already paid for this workshop, please can you ensure that you have paid on parentpay. Next we the Year 6 children will be doing their first set of SATs mock tests, their scores will be shared with you by the 22nd October and will be discussed further at parents evening.
The tests they will be doing are: Arithmetic test, Reasoning Paper 2, Reasoning Paper 3, Grammar, Spellings and Reading.
The learning for next week is:
Geography: Daily life in Mexico and daily life in the UK for a child (comparing) and presenting their information using the laptops
History: The myth of ‘The Hero Twins’ linked to our learning about the Mayans- the children will create their own storyboard retelling the story
Maths: Multiply 2 digits and multiply 2 digits by 2 digits
Spellings: Words ending cious/tious
delicious, precious, ferocious, malicious, suspicious, conscious, vicious, superstitious, fictitious, infectious, ambitious, nutritious, cautious
We have also attached a knowledge organiser linked to our topic ‘Hola Mexico’ for your reference.
Thank you for your continued support,
Year 6 Team ​