Year 4 Weekly Update – 08/10/21

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find below your child’s home learning and learning for next week.

Spellings: main, mane, peace, piece, fare, fair ,weight, wait​.

Focus Homophones

Homophones – Year 4 – P5 – English – Home Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

Please continue to revisit and learn the Year 3 & 4 common exception words.

Times tables: Please continue to learn the 6 times tables 1×6 through to 12 x 6.

Times tables games – Learn them all here!

Further resources to challenge your child:

Times tables Speed Test X – – Speed test

Multiplication Tables Check –– Times table check

Maths: Year 4 will be finishing of their topic of place value and will continue to revisit and consolidate their learning through a series of different activities. Please continue to revisit and learn their times tables daily.

English: Next week Year 4 will be learning to use apostrophes for plural possession. The students will also be learning to write a narrative using adverbial phrases.

RE & RHE: To Learn that mental health and wellbeing is a normal part of daily life, in the same

way as physical health.

Kind Regards,

Year 4 Team ​