Year 1 Weekly Update – 08/10/21

RE: We will be acting out and retelling the story of Noah’s Ark in small groups. We will discuss some of the choices made in this story and how the rainbow is seen as a significant symbol.


Writing: We will be preparing and writing our own letters. We will be posting them so the postman can deliver them! Please can we ask for each child to bring into school a pre-stamped envelope with their address on the front.


What can I do at home? Please support your child at home by providing lots of opportunities for writing for a purpose. Cards, lists, Stories, Books, Labels, Diaries, Posters, Invitations, instructions, recipes, recounts from the weekend, to-do lists, bedroom plans…are just a few examples of meaningful and contextual writing!


Phonics: We will be working on our decoding skills. Listening out for initial, middle and end sounds in words. We will be recapping and revisiting these sounds: air, ure and er (trigraph – 3 letters 1 sound, digraph 2 letters 1 sound)

Your child should be familiar with the actions taught in Reception – air (that’s not fair), ure (are you sure it’s pure?), er (better letter). We will be teaching and practicing reading and spelling Y1 Common Exception Words: are, were, was

PLEASE NOTE: The Y1 Common Exception Words are in your child’s Guided Reading record.


What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading! Please support your child at home by reading together and talking about what is happening at different points throughout the story, making predictions and discussing characters and setting. You may wish to challenge your child by also making them be digraph and trigraph detectives within their reading or look out for any tricky words.


Maths: This week we will be looking at numbers bonds to 10 and addition.


What can I do at home? You can support your child at home by practising number bonds to ten ie 5+5=10, 8+2=10, 2+8=10 and adding numbers together using objects around the house to find the total amount like pasta, beads or straws.


RHE: This week we will be looking at how to lead a healthy lifestyle, which foods are good for us and why.

PSHE: This week we will continue to talk about how to look after our belongings, having the responsibility to look after ourselves, our things and being more independent in Year 1.


– Wednesday and Friday PE days – shorts for Friday


– Reading Records at school every day​.


– Hoodies, jumpers, cardigans, coats, water bottles, school bags with clear, identifiable labels for the children to be able to read themselves.


– Thursday – Books returned and new ones issued on this day.


– Pre stamped envelopes with addresses on for our English-Topic activity next week.


– Friday 15th Oct – ‘One Tree Day’ wearing green in exchange for £1