Year 1 Weekly Update – 01/10/21

RE: We will be listening to and retelling the story of Noah’s Ark.


Writing: We will look at a range of photographs and images taken at different times of day. We will talk about the pictures and decide at what times of the day they might have been taken. The children will be encouraged to place the images in time order and write a sentence about each one to describe what is happening.


What can I do at home? Please support your child at home by providing lots of opportunities for writing for a purpose. Cards, lists, Stories, Books, Labels, Diaries, Posters, Invitations, instructions, recipes, recounts from the weekend, to-do lists, bedroom plans…are just a few examples of meaningful and contextual writing!


Phonics: We will be working on our decoding skills. Listening out for initial, middle and end sounds in words. We will be recapping and revisiting these sounds: ur, ow and oi – including the trigraph ‘ear’.

Your child should be familiar with the actions taught in Reception – ur (nurse with a purse), ow (brown cow), oi (spoil the boy) and ear (ear, ear what can you hear?) We will be teaching and practicing reading and spelling Y1 Common Exception Words: by, my, of

PLEASE NOTE: The Y1 Common Exception Words are in your child’s Guided Reading record.


What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading! Please support your child at home by reading together and talking about what is happening at different points throughout the story, making predictions and discussing characters and setting. You may wish to challenge your child by also making them be digraph detectives within their reading or look out for any tricky words.


Maths: This week we will be learning about addition, the addition symbol and fact families.


What can I do at home? You can support your child at home by using countable manipulatives, such pasta, buttons, beads, lego. You can use these items to find the total amount.


The children are familiar with the websites below which you can you use for some fun education games to support your child.


RHE- Science: This week we will be speaking about us and our bodies.


  • We will celebrating our God-given bodies and the things they enable us to do. In an age appropriate way we will be encouraged to discuss the similarities and differences between girls and boys.

PSHE: This week we will continue to talk about things that can be harmful and how to use them properly.


– Children will bring home their chosen Library book and banded books on Thursday. Please ensure your child has their books in their bag, ready to return, every Thursday.


– Please ensure that your child has their reading record at school every day​.


– Please ensure your child has a labelled water bottle at school.


-Please ensure your child’s uniform is clearly labelled.

– PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Children to wear shorts on Friday.