Year 1 Weekly Update – 10/09/21

RE: We are learning to be aware of the beauty of God’s World and explore and respond to the wonders of creation. Together we will talk about how and why we make things, look after things, how we feel about them and why we want to look after things.

This learning will link to our most recent discussions in PSHE of how we: look after our classroom, use the areas within Year 1, look after our belongings and where we put the things we have made and how we are to “choose it, use it and put it away!”

Writing: We will be preparing our Memory Boxes by talking and looking at family photographs. We will try to remember what was happening at the time and record this. We will think carefully about the spelling of tricky words and common exception words when writing.
What can I do at home? Please support your child at home by providing lots of opportunities for writing for a purpose. Invitations, birthday cards, shopping lists, recipes, recounts from the weekend, to-do lists, bedroom plans…are just a few examples of meaningful and contextual writing.
Phonics: We will be working on our decoding skills. We will be recapping the digraphs learnt in Reception as well as introduce some of the Year 1 common exception words to read and later spell – incorporating them into our independent writing.
What can I do at home? 10 minutes daily reading! Please support your child at home by reading together and talking about what is happening at different points throughout the story, making predictions and discussing characters and setting. You may wish to challenge your child by also making them be digraph detectives within their reading!
Maths: This week we are learning to sort objects based on their colour, size and properties.
What can I do at home? You can support your child’s learning and understanding by grouping and sorting a range of household items, toys, food items, shapes etc into different categories.
PSHE: This week we are learning about germs and how they can be transmitted. We are going to practice hand washing and discuss basic hygiene routines.
– Children will bring home their chosen Library book on a Thursday
– Please ensure your child has a water bottle at school
– PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays

Date for your diary:

​- Tuesday 14th September at 1.30pm – Year 1 Curriculum Meeting via Zoom (link will be sent via email)