Year 6 – Maya Workshop

This week Year 6 took part in a Maya Workshop which gave the children a firsthand exploration of what life was like during the Maya Civilisation. Sally Spade, our Mayan enthusiast, helped the children to re-create the story of ‘The Hero Twins’ and they enjoyed taking part in a game of ‘Pok to Pok,’ a ball game where you have to score points by getting a ball into a hoop without using your hands and feet! The children also enjoyed working collaboratively in groups to play Guess the God where they had to imagine they were a block of clay and be moulded into a Mayan God with the help of people in their group. The rest of the class had fun guessing who each group was recreating.

This was a brilliant way to kickstart our Hola Mexico topic and we are looking forward to continuing this learning in class over the coming weeks.