Year 4 Local Area Trip

Dear Parents/Carers,




We are pleased to inform you that we have arranged a visit to the local area for both of our year 4 classes,  on Monday  19th July. The trip will explore changes in our local environment as part of a geography fieldwork project.


In their prior learning, the children will have looked at other recent developments in the local area and the impact they have the human and physical geography. On the day, we are going to explore a proposed new development on the site of the carpark, container yard and disused green space surrounding High Barnet Tube Station, currently owned by TFL. The children will use a range of mapping skills to understand the site, discuss the geographical and social  topics surrounding it and will look at how the local environment has changed generally over time. After our trip, the children will present their findings on the imact of the development and then create their own design proposals for what they consider the best use of the site.  As this is a current local issue, we expect lively participation from our children.


Children are required to wear their school uniform. They will need a packed lunch in a clearly labelled, disposable bag (no glass bottles or products containing nuts please) as we will be eating lunch on the green area of open land surrounding the school, opposite the station, where we will undertake much of our observation work. We are expecting lovely weather so please wear suncream and hats however, please also bring a rain coat just in case of rain.


As always, we welcome offers of help for the day. We will be leaving school at around 10.30am and returning by 1.30pm at the latest. Please let us know by if you are able to help by emailing the office by 12pm on  Friday 16th July. Volunteers will be chosen ‘out of a hat’. We will let parents know the outcome on Friday afternoon after the deadline. Please note that parent helpers must NOT take photographs of any of the children whilst on the trip. Teachers will take photographs and they will be shared as appropriate. This is a local trip so we do not require permission, however, if you would prefer your child not to take part or have any concerns please get in contact via the school office.


We are sure this will be an enjoyable, as well as educational, experience for our children. Thank you in advance for your support.


Yours sincerely,


Miss Grace and Mr Bell