Year 4 Weekly Update – 25/06/21

Dear Parents and Carers,
Spellings:: To know prefixes auto and super
Literacy – The children have begun looking at how persuasive techniques and causal conjunctions could be used in their letters to George Eustice. Next week, they will be writing their formal persuasive letters.
Maths – In maths next week, we will be focussing on adding and subtracting different amounts of money. Later in the week, we will move on to time.
RE – This week we are looking at the liturgical calendar, Communion of the Saints and Holy Souls. Following on, next week, we will be learning about the mission of the Church
RHE – We will look at module 3 unit 1: session 2 what is the Church? We will look at how the Church now is similar to the Church when it first began and how the Church is at the centre of our community. We will then design our ‘perfect church’ based on this learning.
Science – This week we will be classifying invertebrates. Next week, we will be creating our own classification keys for different habitats.
Music – We will be singing more than one simultaneous melody in 3 parts.
Computing – In computing, we will be using programming software so that we can use arrow keys to move a deep sea diver in the ocean.
Art – Next week, we will continue our oil pastel drawings of different sea life.


Year 4 Team​