Year 3 Weekly Update – 25/06/21

Dear parents,
This week in Year 3 in English/topic we have begun reading Roald Dahl’s ‘Boy’. The children have been finding out lots of facts about Roald Dahl. Later on this week, they will be learning about the difference between writing in the third person (he/she/they) and writing in the first person (I). They will practise being able to change the person used in sentences. They will also learn the differences between writing a ‘biography’ and writing an ‘autobiography’. They will begin to put themselves into Roald Dahl’s shoes and write their own autobiographical piece, in the style of ‘Boy’.

Maths: This week, the children will begin their new unit in Maths – Measurement: Time. The children will begin by recapping the objective of telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. They will be given the opportunity to create times using individual clocks with moveable hands. From this, the children will read and write times from clocks. We will then move onto reading and drawing the times ‘quarter to’ and ‘quarter past’. The children will use their knowledge of fractions and turns to identify quarter past and quarter to. At this stage, the children should recognise that the hour hand moves along with the minute hand. Therefore when the time is quarter past the hour, the hour hand will be just past the hour and when the time is quarter to, the hour hand will be just before the hour.

Later in the week, we will look at the concept of years and months. The children will be introduced to leap years and how they are different from a non-leap year. We will explore years using calendars to investigate the number of days in each month. Rhymes and songs will be used to remember the number of days in each month.

RE: During our RE lessons, the children will be retelling the Parable of the Good Samaritan and linking this to their knowledge and understanding of why Christians act as they do.

Computing: We will be learning which personal things are safe to share online. The children will be taught that personal information is information that belongs to only them and we should not share this online.

Science: The children will be learning about the composition of soil and how rocks gradually turn into soil over time.

This week for spellings the children have been looking at how sometimes the ‘u’ sound is made by the letters ‘ou’. For their home learning please help your child to learn the following words;






If they have learnt these easily, please also help them to learn:





They can let us know next week, when we do the test, if they have learnt all or just some of the words.

Please also make sure to read with your child and to sign their reading record and to continue to learn their times tables in this order: 10s, 5s, 2s, 3s, 4s then 8s.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Whyatt and Mrs. Fraser