Year 5 Weekly Update – 18/06/21

Dear Parents,
This week the children have finished off their moon myths and undertaken some of their own research about the Moon. The children also took part in a lesson on money safety for Money Week, and took part in an engaging and informative webinar for Clean Air Day yesterday too.
In Maths, we have finished our unit on Geometry and next week we will start to learn about position and direction, which will involve coordinates, rotation, reflection and translation as well as symmetry and rotational symmetry.
In English, we will start our new writing unit on News reports about the Moon landing.
In RE, we will be learning more about the Jewish faith.
In PSHE/RHE, we will learn about diversity within our society.
In Art, on Wednesday, we will be creating prints of the moon. For this, children will need a sponge that they can cut to shape. Many sponges will work for this, however we suggest the flatter sort as these will be easier for the children to cut to shape. Please see image. Please send your child to school with a sponge on Wednesday.
The spellings with irregular plural endings to learn at home this week are:
By now the vast majority of children in year 5 have learnt their times tables off by heart with rapid recall. Please ensure that if your child doesn’t know all their tables, they do short daily practise on them. As we have just been learning about angles in triangles, the children could have a go at any of the levels on this link for an optional home learning activity this weekend.
Don’t forget to update the moon diaries too!
We will be reading ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce in Guided Reading lessons for a couple of weeks. We know that many children would enjoy having their own copy of the text, so you are very welcome to purchase a copy for your child for them to bring into school.
The Bronze, Silver and Gold book challenge will be finishing at the end of the year – all children should be able to achieve Bronze at least!
Have a great weekend,
The year 5 team