Year 5 Weekly Update – 11/06/21

Dear year 5 parents,
We have thoroughly enjoyed our week back this week. We started our new topic called Stargazers on Monday, and enjoyed meeting an astronomer from the Royal Observatory, who taught the children many interesting facts about our Solar System! We were all amazed by how many moons there are!
The children were fortunate enough to participate in three other workshops – a Jewish workshop about Passover, an Islamic workshop about the five pillars of Islam and a Hindu workshop. It was an enlightening week for all.
Next week:
In Maths, we will finish the current unit on geometry and measures.
In English, we will be planning and writing myths/legends about the moon
In PSHE we will partipate in various activities to do with money, for Money Week.
The spellings that we have been learning in class and to learn at home this week are:
  1. generous
  2. adventurous
  3. hazardous
  4. curious
  5. courageous
  6. fabulous
  7. serious
  8. outrageous
  9. vigorous
  10. disastrous
Please continue to work on times tables/division facts and written methods of multiplication/division at home and your child should read for at least 20 minutes per day.