Year 4 Weekly Update – 18/06/21

Dear Parents and Carers,
Heatwave notwithstanding, it has been a really busy week of learning for year 4.  Well done to those of you who are going the extra mile with times table practice at home, this will make a massive difference as we complete the statutory multiplication check over the next couple of weeks.
Spellings: the prefixes un- de- in- re-
Literacy – The children have worked really hard making poems that use personification, metaphor and simile.  In particular, they used human emotions to personify elements on the subject of plastic pollution.  Next week, we will be writing letters to the Environment Secretary on the same subject and revisiting using causal conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs.
Maths – We are nearing the end of our learning on decimal numbers.  The children have compared and ordered decimals and will be learning to round decimals to the nearest 1.  Following that, we will move on to measurement of time a money.
RE – This week we have started to consider how the Church is like a family and exploring how our parish links us as a school and a community through youth groups, charitable activities.  We have also looked at the Sacraments and how they guide us through different stages of our life.
PSHE – For money week, we have learned what debt is and how it can affect people emotionally.
Science – The children will be looking at classify all the orders of invertebrates this week.  Next week we shall go onto look at classifying different orders of vertebrates.
Geography – We researched and identified the oceans and major seas of the planet.  The children learned that ocean currents have an affect on the climate of the UK because of the Gulf Stream and have tried to make links between latitude and how it affects the Gulf Stream.
Music – In music we are starting to learn to sing in 2 part harmony introducing a lower harmony part in our new song Iqude.
RHE – Linking to our RE learning about the sacraments, we will look at module 3 unit 1 session 1 Trinity House which looks specifically at marriage in the house and the Trinity.
Year 4 Team​