Climate Awareness 2021

Throughout April and May, the children at St Catherine’s participated in a range of activities to develop understanding and raise awareness of our climate crisis. They watched the CAFOD Eyes of the World assembly and learned that the eyes of the world are on us this year as Britain hosts world leaders for the United Nations’ climate change talks – COP26 in November. Following the assembly, the children drew their own ‘eyes of the world’ which showed the world they wanted, what may be preventing this world from existing and what could be done to change the world. As well as this, year groups carried out some further activities. Year 3 wrote about the effect of Climate Change and listed their ideas for what we could do to combat climate change. Year 4 researched different parts of the world affected by climate change, labelled them on a map and discussed what CAFOD and other organisations were doing to help. Year 6 wrote letters from polar bears describing how their homes had been affected by climate change. The children spoke knowledgeably and passionately about the issues and shared many fantastic ideas.