Year 4 Weekly Update – 11/06/21

Dear Parents,
We hope you enjoyed a restful and sunny half term ready for both the final half term and looking forwards to summer.
PE day – Please note we are swapping year 4 PE days so that:
4G are Thursday and 4B and Friday
We are looking at the suffix -ous which converts nouns into adjectives.
Multiplication Times Table Check
We are still devoting lesson time to drilling times tables for the forthcoming statutory assessment.  It is really important that you continue to practise these daily at home.  It may have been one of your child’s areas for development in their report and so attainment in this assessment will influence our end of year assessments and your child’s preparedness to start the year 5 curriculum.
We are writing poems on the subject of pollution in our oceans and waterways.  The children will be developing their skills using figurative language: metaphor, simile personification and kennings.  Specifically, the children will consider which similes produce the most effective imagery to evoke a feeling, mood or idea.
This week the children have learned about hundredths and divided whole numbers by 10 and 100 to make decimals. Next week, we will go on to compare and order decimals and touch on rounding to one whole.
We have been learning about lines of latitude including: the equator, tropic of cancer and capricorn, the arctic and Antarctic circles.  The children researched and explored both the way climate and seasons change with latitude the further away from the poles and the equator we travel and also how this affects daylight hours.
We were visited by Ruth Jample on Monday who explored the Jewish Torah with the children.  This is part of our interfaith week and gave the children an understanding of traditions, practices and beliefs about the Torah in the Jewish faith.  The children were excited by the interactive experience where they could touch replicas of the Torah, explore the Hebrew alphabet and study traditional religious objects such as mezuzahs and kippahs.
We are starting a unit exploring our impact on our environment and the planet.  This week the children will explore the different ways that human activity can impact our planet through climate change including: temperature, storms, flooding, sea level rise and drought.
The children are going to continue to build their ability to sing in different parts in harmony.
We hope you enjoy the rest of the week,
Year 4 Team