Year 5 Weekly Update – 28/05/21

Dear Year 5 parents,
The children have enjoyed several highlights this week, including taking part in the Captain Tom run on Tuesday, and completing their Tudor portrait art work. The children worked incredibly hard to create ‘carbon copies’ of original Holbein’s of Anne Boleyn or Henry VIII, using a technique called ‘pouncing’ and then painting them.
After half term, the children will be participating in several workshops – the first of which will be with an astronomer from the Royal Observatory. Please check your parent pay accounts as the amount will be collected from there.
This week in school, we have been learning and revising homophones. The words we have learnt are:
If you are able encourage your child to revise these spellings in half term, it would be very beneficial to them.
Please continue to go over times tables on  regular basis, and daily if your child doesn’t know all their tables yet.
Children should read daily for 20 minutes too.
Please enjoy your half terms, and some much anticipated sunnier/drier weather!
The Year 5 team