Year 4 Weekly Update – 21/05/21

Dear Parents and Carers,
We have had a wonderful week of learning this half term.  As it draws to a close, we would like to mark the end of this learning on the Normans with an exciting DT project on Monday.  The children will design and make a Motte and Bailey castle and learn about how these building changed the landscape of England and eventually Wales.
Over this week, we would appreciate if you could collect recycling to bring in on Monday to help with making our castles.  We will need:
  • Large boards of rigid cardboard to form bases for the models (delivery or packing card)
  • Toilet paper roll
  • newspaper
  • and packaging card such as cereal boxes to form buildings.
  • If you have any straw or lolipop sticks these may also be useful.
Multiplication Tables
As you will be aware, later this term the children will be undertaking a multiplication tables statutory assessment. The format is very similar to the speed check you would have done on Purple Mash.  Please ensure you are completing daily times table practice with your children.  We may contact you before half term if we are concerned that your child is not making progress towards rapidly recalling all of the times tables up to 12×12.
Spellings the phoneme ‘ay’ with different graphemes
Literacy: We have been using figurative language based on Norman Kennings to write poems about the Battle of Hastings.
Maths: In our last week of learning on fractions we have looked at finding fractions of amounts.  Next week we will look at decimals.
RE:  The children have been considering the cost of discipleship by reflecting on the challenges St Paul faced.
Computing:  The children have been learning what makes a strong password and why it is important to password protect their physical devices and online accounts.
PSHE: This week we will be learning about different types of bank accounts and why they would suit different people’s needs e.g. savings accounts, current accounts.  We will return again to different types of jobs and salaries and what decisions we may have to make in future if we want to pursue those careers e.g. education, training, where we live etc.
History:  The children have made a diamond 9 about the Domesday Book.  We looked at the causes around why William I commissioned it and arranged them in order of what we thought was important.
A further update on RHE and other learning will follow later this week.
Best wishes,
Year 4 Team