Year 3 Weekly Update – 21/05/21

Dear parents,
This week in Year 3 in English/topic the children have been finishing their historical narratives, editing and peer reviewing these. We are so proud of the children’s wonderful writing and hope to put some on the website soon. Later on this week, the children will be learning more about life in Pompeii during Roman times and will be researching and presenting to each other.
We are now using our school library. Our allocated slot is Thursday afternoon. Please make sure to return your child’s library book on this day, if they want to take out a new one.

In DT last week the children completed their volcano projects. Please see our website for some photos of our project. Hopefully the completed photos will be on their soon.

Maths: This week the children will be continuing to compare and order lengths based on measurements in mm, cm and m. They will use their knowledge of converting between units of measurement to help them compare and order. We will then move onto adding lengths given in different units of measurement. The children will be converting measurements to the same unit of length to add more efficiently. Children will be encouraged to look for the most efficient way to calculate and develop their mental addition strategies. This step will help prepare children for adding lengths when they calculate the perimeter. Finally, we will use take-away and finding the difference to subtract lengths. Again, the children will be encouraged to look for the most efficient way to calculate and develop their mental subtraction strategies. This step will prepare children for finding missing lengths within perimeter.

RE: This week we have continued to focus on the Ascension story. The children have used their previous knowledge and understanding of when Jesus told his disciples that he would be going back to Heaven but promised that the Holy Spirit would come to the apostles to complete a range of writing activities. The children were encouraged to use bible references to compare and contrast two gospel accounts of the Ascension.

PSHE: The children will be focusing on their own Mental Wellbeing. Recent National Trust research found a link between having a connection to nature and having improved wellbeing. Our lessons will provide a great opportunity for us to normalise the discussion of mental health and wellbeing. The children will be writing their own themed, nature poems.

In P.E the children are beginning to make progress and to really enjoy our swimming lessons. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help us get there safely. Please don’t forget to send your child in with a coat on Mondays, if rain has been forecast.

This week for spellings the children will be looking at how a ‘y’ can sometimes make an ‘i’ sound. For home learning, please help your child to learn the following words:








Please also make sure to read with your child and to sign their reading record and to continue to learn their times tables in this order: 10s, 5s, 2s, 3s, 4s then 8s.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Whyatt