Year 5 Weekly Update – 07/05/21

Dear Parents,
We have enjoyed another great week of learning in year 5. The highlight of the week was our zoom workshops with the National Archives, in which the children looked at three historical documents from the Tudor period, all of them featuring images of Henry VIII. The children had to decide in which picture he looked like a ‘great king’. We were so proud of the way that the children were able to discuss these historical sources and draw on their prior learning. The hosts of the sessions were very impressed with all the children’s responses and interpretations too.
Number day – Today for number day, we did a ‘Who wants to be a mathionaire’ quiz. The children had to answer questions from the different areas of maths in order to win points! Some children brought in some mathematical games to share with the others children too.
The spellings to learn at home this week are:
Maths homework:
As always, continue with all times tables.
Revise using written methods for multiplication of HTU x TU.
Next week in school:
Maths – We will continue to learn about fractions, decimals and percentages
RE – We will learn about Ascension Day
English – Starting a unit on persuasive writing, centred around Anne Boleyn’s beheading
RHE/PSHE – We will be learning about what is appropriate to share and what is not appropriate to share online.
Enjoy your weekends,
The year 5 team