Year 6 Weekly Update – 07/05/21

Dear parents/carers,
We have had another week of good learning in Year 6, the learning for next week is:
English: Writing a setting description and learning about how to write effective dialogue.
Maths: Algebra- find a rule in one step, find a rule in two steps, forming expressions.
RE: To know about and reflect on the persecution of the Apostles.
History: Create a safety guide poster about how to stay safe during the blitz.
Spellings: Words with endings which sound like /shuhl after a vowel or consonant:
crucial, beneficial, official, artificial, essential, substantial, influential, confidential
For our dance lesson please make sure that your child either wears shorts to school or wears shorts underneath their joggers, this way the children can swiftly get changed for the lesson if they need to. Please can you also ensure that you remind your child that they must leave the school promptly and sensibly at the end of the school day. There have been incidents of inappropriate language, loitering and ‘play fighting’ at the end of the school day. Please can you remind your child that they represent the school even when they are not in the school grounds and therefore they must behave respectfully.
Thank you for your support,
Year 6 Team