Year 2 Weekly Update – 07/05/21

Dear Parents,
Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed planting last week with their peers and are looking forward to taking care of them this week. Below you will find the learning for next week and the home learning.
Maths: Next week the children will be learning about time, specifically o’clock and half past.
English: Year 2 will be learning about adjectives and will begin writing a character description based on a character from ‘The Night Pirates’.
Geography: We will be naming the four countries of the United Kingdom, the capital cities and locating them on a map.
Next week is ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ which focusses on the theme of ‘Nature’. In our RHE and PSHE lessons the children will be taking time to be outside in nature.
Home Learning
Maths learning is available on purple mash.
Spelling: The y changed to i before -es is added and two spellings that are topic related.
Kind Regards,
Miss Hunt & Miss Fielden