Year 4 Weekly Update – 30/04/21

Dear Parents,
We have had a great first couple of weeks back this term.  Our Normans day was a real treat so thank you for making your contributions.
Literacy – We are continuing to write a persuasive letter in the role of William Duke of Normandy.  The children have learned how to use anecdotes and emotive language to undermine opposing claimants to the throne.  Next week, we will be writing diary entries in role as a Norman peasant.  The children will be learning the 3-ed  and emotion, [comma] sentence types from Alan Peat.
Maths – Over the next week we will working finding equivalent fractions, fractions greater than 1 and counting in fractions.  The children have investigated making different equivalent fractions using cuisinaire rods to represent them.
History – We have constructed a timeline of the events of the Battle of Hastings examining the reasons William was able to defeat Harald Godwinson.  Next week, the children will look at the rigid structure of Norman society and the social hierarchy of peasants, Knights and nobility.
RE – Continuing to learn about the early church, we have looked at why Peter was chosen as head of the church.  Next week, we will be looking at Pentecost.
Art – Following on from Normans Day, we will be completing our embroidery work and trying to develop our use of different stitches.
PSHE – We have looked at what money is any why we use it: to pay for goods and services, a store of value, a medium of exchange and a way to quantify value (pricing).  Next week, the children will look at different types of jobs and whether they are paid or unpaid and why there are different salaries of payments for work.
RSE – Module 2 unit 3 – Sharing online.  This session focuses on how quickly things can be shared around the world online including photos, passwords and other personal information.  Please make sure you have looked at the unit content on Ten Ten before we teach this.
The suffix -ssion
Have a brilliant week,
Y4 Team